A Message from Elder "WIKI" PKID:[CLASSIFIED]Edit

Welcome to the Peacekeeper Regualtion Wiki.

I know you lose your guidebook while on duty but this will be availaible to all personnel while in the feild. Think as this wiki as a unlosable guidebook... Well until you lose your PDA of Mobile that is... Signed Elder "WIKI" ID code [CLASSIFIED]

Who are The Peacekeepers Dragon Family?Edit

These large, powerful Dragons enforce order throughout the world.

They are the strongest of all the Dragon families, and know most about battling their enemies.

They live in the desert sand dunes, tar pits and ice-caves and are always on the lookout for any creatures breaking the peace.

Why the regulations?Edit

With any Military, there got to be rules of choas will insue and they will do anything they want....

A note from the Wiki FounderEdit

This wiki is to help me to keep track of the regualtions i make for my "Adventures of Spyro", "Team Dark Knight Missions" and any other series based in the Spyro universe that involves the PSAS and the Peacekeeper Family.

You are welcome to suggest rules but put them in the "Rule Suggestion" catergory.

Thank you for visiting

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